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Case Studies

We helped Genetronics define its new product strategy.

"Genetronics is the technology leader in electroporation, the application of very brief, carefully controlled, pulsed, rotating electric fields to human cells, a process that causes pores to open in the cell membrane and allows pharmaceuticals or genes to gain access to the cell's interior."

When considering a potential partnering opportunity and the development of several new products, Genetronics came to The Strategy Factory. We helped Genetronics evaluate partnering options, define the scope of its business, and define & position new products. Using personal interviews and mail surveys, we identified and quantitated market opportunities, then offered solid recommendations for growing Genetronics' business.

"At the heart of any marketing strategy lies the problem of defining your business, and The Strategy Factory was instrumental in helping Genetronics do this. With an excellent grasp of the life science and diagnostic markets and superior business acumen, The Strategy Factory talked with our customers and then helped us define key growth opportunities in the scientific research equipment market. With the recommendations made by The Strategy Factory, Genetronics is now poised to maximize its growth."

Babak Nemati, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President
Genetronics, Inc.
San Diego, California


"In the summer of 2000 I initiated a project to evaluate the potential of several emerging life science markets. Through a mutual colleague, I contacted The Strategy Factory. They were enthusiastic about the project and we came to terms quickly. The Strategy Factory fast-tracked a marketing research project leading to an intuitive report that resulted in product development approval. Today we are poised to commercialize a new technology that will change the face of our business, and we wouldn't be here without The Strategy Factory's timely work."

Brian J. Austin
Director, Worldwide Sales & Marketing
Genetronics, Inc.
BTX Division
San Diego, California

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